In and Out Valet Co provides it's clients with a combination of valet parking experience, personnel expertise and comprehensive industry knowledge. These resources ensure that the valet parking services provided enhance clients experience when visiting your facility.

IMG_7673 In and Out Valet Co employs only the most qualified valet parking professionals, resulting in superior valet parking services. We have carefully selected each of our current full-time employees based on their individual qualifications and previous work experience. In addition to the full-time personnel, we also employ a staff of part-time Valet Parking Attendants to meet our clients’ valet parking requirements. In and Out Valet Co’s proven team of professionals provides outstanding valet parking services to our clients’ patrons and will provide the same top-quality services to you and your patrons, whatever your parking management needs may require.

Staff Training
New Employees
In and Out Valet Co’s Director of Operations and Director of Human Resources will ensure that all employees pass all elements of our comprehensive training program. This ensures each employee is trained to work in accordance with federal local laws. Our Director of Operations and HR Specialist will also verify that they conform to your internal regulations and that all patrons receive the courtesy, respect and prompt service that they deserve. Prior to beginning work, all employees attend a mandatory four-hour training session and orientation that introduces them to company policies and procedures and ensuring that each employee provides the highest level of customer service. This training, provided at the clients facility for precise learning, is conducted by our Director of Operations and supervised by our HR Specialist. All employees then receive 1 – 2 hours of review training provided by In and Out Valet Co’s management emphasizing areas of improvement and customer service. Our comprehensive training program for all new employees includes the following:

  • In and Out Valet Co Employee Handbook
  • Quality Control
  • Safety
    • Injury and Illness Prevention Program
    • Fire including keeping fire lanes open at all times
    • Emergency and disaster procedures
    • Medical protocols
    • Accident reporting
    • Driving slowly
    • Paying attention to pedestrian traffic
  • Employee expectations
    • Providing excellent customer service
    • Demonstrating respect, courtesy and kindness to employees, patients and visitors
    • Assisting in the removal of wheelchairs and carts from vehicles
    • Maintaining clean, well-groomed appearance
    • Dress policy – Uniforms

In and Out Valet Co also performs background checks on all new employees using Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP). ADP performs the following checks prior to hiring an employee:

  • Security Verification
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Drug Screening
  • Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR)

In and Out Valet Co’s background screening process is comprehensive and guarantees the most qualified personnel for positions within our company. In and Out Valet Co will fully support additional screening as required by the client on their site. Our commitment to quality and safe services guides our operations, ensuring that you the client benefits from quality employees.

In addition to our employee training and background checks, In and Out Valet Co also performs random drugs screenings to ensure the safety and health of our employees and customers. Any employee found to be endangering either him or herself or any other person or company operation will be terminated. We fully comply with requests from our customers to perform additional background or drug screens. In and Out Valet Co maintains a comprehensive employee file for each employee that outlines his or her character and physical abilities.